Mountain Lion Hunting in Colorado GMU 17 - Jackson County

Elevations in North Park range from 7,800 feet at Northgate to 12,951 feet at Clark's Peak. The average elevation of the open, sagebrush-grassland park is 8,000 feet.

GMU 17 - Jackson County


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Bounded on N and E by County Highway 125; on S by Continental Divide (Jackson-Grand County line); on W and N by County Highway 14.

Over 2/3 of North Park is public land.




263 Square Miles (168,152 Acres)

Land Ownership

37% Private, 63% Public, 42% USFS, 19% BLM, 2% State


40.4685, -106.3171


There are 0 hospitals, 0 hotels, 0 campgrounds, and 0 grocery stores within a 20 mile radius.

Mountain Lion Notes

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HuntScore Tip

Public land and private land percentages can sometime be misleading. A unit may have 80% public land, but a particluar species may only occupy 20% on the entire area. And that 20% species distribution may lie 100% within private lands. Does that sound confusing? Just remember that there are always exceptions to the rule, and land ownership is just one piece of the puzzle.

Photos and Terrain Notes

Elevations in North Park range from 7,800 feet at Northgate to 12,951 feet at Clarkfts Peak. The average elevation of the open, sagebrush-grassland park is 8,000 feet. North Park is a relatively flat, sagebrush grassland with numerous wetlands interspersed with wide, willow dominated drainages. The mountains that surround the park rise rapidly to the alpine zone above timberline.

The montane zone is dominated by lodgepole pine stands and to a lesser extent aspen and spruce-fir stands. Vegetation varies throughout the Park with sagebrush lining the valley floor, a variety of willow species along stream courses, and mountain shrub, lodgepole pine, aspen, and spruce-fir at higher elevations. The dominant vegetation types present are coniferous forest, sagebrush mix, and irrigated grass hay fields The valley floor at 7,880ft supports ag lands and sage. Extensive willow stands line the streams - a favorite moose habitat, so be sure of your target.

The forest surrounding the basin varies from aspen/lodgepole to spruce/fir. The area is generally windy and colder than places in western Colorado. Prepare for snow during your hunt. 4WD is helpful, as are chains.

Weather Insights

Weather can vary by elevation. See how weather varies by elevation within a unit by selecting an elevation range. Elevation ranges are based on weather stations in or near the unit. Not all weather elements are available within the unit.

Average Temps

Use temperature ranges to plan and prepare for your hunt. Large swings indicate a good layering system should be used. Be sure to make note of the extreme temperatures as these often pose the greatest risk to hunters. If you plan on hunting in higher elevation, as a rule of thumb, expect the tempture to decrease roughly 5° for every 1000' in elevation gain.

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