Mountain Lion Hunting in Colorado GMU 82 - Alamosa and Saguache Counties

The San Luis Valley is a vast 8,000-square-mile area that provides a wide variety of terrain at elevations that range from 7,500 feet to 14,000 feet. The rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountains define the valleyfts east side.

GMU 82 - Alamosa and Saguache Counties


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Bounded on N by Poncha Pass; on N and E by Rio Grande-Arkansas River divide; on S by Alamosa-Costilla County line and US Highway 160; on W by County Highway 17 and US Highway 285.

Hunting is prohibited in Great Sand Dunes National Park and the Baca National Wildlife Refuge which are located within this unit. National forest and national park preserve, where hunting is allowed, abuts the park and refuge so when hunting pressure starts deer and elk move down quickly to the safe havens. There is also private land 30 with residential development in the northern half of the unit. So, be sure to know whatfts behind your target.

Hunters are allowed to pass through the national park to hunting areas, but some restrictions apply. Call the National Park Service at 1-719-378- 6399, or go to the web site, for information. Much of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range is U.S. Forest Service wilderness.

This range is extremely rugged and road access is limited. It is accessible mainly by foot or horseback. Hunters should be in shape if they plan to hunt here. Throughout the area, access varies from moderate to very difficult.

Hunting can be good for those willing to go into tough terrain. Hunting is also challenging because animals can move quickly to large areas of private land, and onto Great Sand Dunes National Park and the Baca National Wildlife Refuge where hunting is prohibited. You must have permission to hunt on private land. Trespassing is a significant issue in the valley.


Alamosa, Saguache


982 Square Miles (628,541 Acres)

Land Ownership

36% Private, 44% Public, 31% USFS, 10% BLM, 3% State, 20% NPS


37.8739, -105.7301


There are 0 hospitals, 3 hotels, 69 campgrounds, and 1 grocery stores within a 20 mile radius.

Mountain Lion Notes

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HuntScore Tip

Public land and private land percentages can sometime be misleading. A unit may have 80% public land, but a particluar species may only occupy 20% on the entire area. And that 20% species distribution may lie 100% within private lands. Does that sound confusing? Just remember that there are always exceptions to the rule, and land ownership is just one piece of the puzzle.

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Other Species in Unit

Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Turkey,

Photos and Terrain Notes

The San Luis Valley is a vast 8,000-square-mile area that provides a wide variety of terrain at elevations that range from 7,500 feet to 14,000 feet. The rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountains define the valleyfts east side. The middle of the valley is flat farm land that is privately owned. The Rio Grande and the Conejos River provide long riparian areas that cut through high-elevation alpine forests to lower elevation cottonwood and willow stands.

The west is bordered by the Rio Grande National Forest and the San Juan mountain range.

Mountain-lion Harvest Stats (2014)

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Total Harvest
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Harvest Female
Average Success
Manner Season Type Sex Hunters Harvest Male Female Youth
N/A 5
HuntScore Tip: Ever hunt a unit with a 100% success rate and not see any deer? If you're nodding your head to any of these scenarios then you're one of the people who knows that statistics are a good guide, but they aren't a guarantee.

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Weather Insights

Weather can vary by elevation. See how weather varies by elevation within a unit by selecting an elevation range. Elevation ranges are based on weather stations in or near the unit. Not all weather elements are available within the unit.

Average Temps

Use temperature ranges to plan and prepare for your hunt. Large swings indicate a good layering system should be used. Be sure to make note of the extreme temperatures as these often pose the greatest risk to hunters. If you plan on hunting in higher elevation, as a rule of thumb, expect the tempture to decrease roughly 5° for every 1000' in elevation gain.


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