Turkey Hunting in Colorado GMU 7 - Larimer County

Elevations range from 12,795 feet at the highest point in the southwestern part of the area to 4,921 feet along the eastern edge near Fort Collins. This area covers much of the northern part of the Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest.

GMU 7 - Larimer County


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Bounded on N by Wyoming; on E by County Road 103 (Laramie River Road); on S by County Highway 14; on W by Larimer-Jackson County line.

There are many wilderness areas here that can only be reached by foot or horseÓno vehicle access. Hunters must know where they are in this area as there are many public lands locked on all sides by private land. Donftt risk access unless you have received permission well in advance of the hunt. Elk habitat is spread across a wide range of land ownership categories.

The largest single land manager is the United States Forest Service (USFS), followed closely by private landowners. The vast majority of USFS land is National Forest or designated wilderness. There are 4 USFS wilderness areas in the DAU; Cache La Poudre Wilderness (14 sq. mi.), Comanche Peak Wilderness (96 sq.

mi. in E-4), Neota Wilderness (15 sq. mi.) and Rawah Wilderness (113 sq. mi.).

There are some small areas managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Among state lands, those managed as State Wildlife Areas (C) or State Land Board holdings account for almost all of the total area. Many of these state properties provide elk hunting opportunities. Outside of private land, USFS, BLM and C lands receive almost all elk hunting pressure.

Human occupation is limited, particularly in the western (Laramie River valley) and southwestern portions of the area (upper Poudre, Joe Wright Creek).




228 Square Miles (146,137 Acres)

Land Ownership

13% Private, 87% Public, 78% USFS, 7% BLM, 2% State


40.8151, -105.9914


There are 0 hospitals, 0 hotels, 16 campgrounds, and 0 grocery stores within a 20 mile radius.

Turkey Notes

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HuntScore Tip

Public land and private land percentages can sometime be misleading. A unit may have 80% public land, but a particluar species may only occupy 20% on the entire area. And that 20% species distribution may lie 100% within private lands. Does that sound confusing? Just remember that there are always exceptions to the rule, and land ownership is just one piece of the puzzle.

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Other Species in Unit

Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Shiras Moose, Black Bear, Mountain Lion,

Photos and Terrain Notes

Elevations range from 12,795 feet at the highest point in the southwestern part of the area to 4,921 feet along the eastern edge near Fort Collins. This area covers much of the northern part of the Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest. The overall climate in this area is relatively dry with low humidity. Climate varies across the area as a function of elevation.

The higher elevation portions in the west experience a harsher climate, with long, cold winters, abundant snowfall, and short, cool summers.

Weather Insights

Weather can vary by elevation. See how weather varies by elevation within a unit by selecting an elevation range. Elevation ranges are based on weather stations in or near the unit. Not all weather elements are available within the unit.

Average Temps

Use temperature ranges to plan and prepare for your hunt. Large swings indicate a good layering system should be used. Be sure to make note of the extreme temperatures as these often pose the greatest risk to hunters. If you plan on hunting in higher elevation, as a rule of thumb, expect the tempture to decrease roughly 5° for every 1000' in elevation gain.


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  • Snow depth by month
  • Min/Max precip and snow depth
  • Average # of days between precip or snow event

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