Submission Policy and Guidelines


  • You must own or control the copyright to all content you submit to HuntScore. This means that you cannot submit work obtained from other sources (e.g., online image search results or websites), or incorporate such work into your content submissions, unless you have permission to do so.
  • Public domain content can be submitted. However, you must credit photo attribution to the original source. If you're not sure a photo is in the public domain, don't post it.
  • Content submissions must not contain any copyrighted material, including artwork, other photos, sculptures, architecture, exhibits or audio which are copyrighted. Additionally, content submissions may not contain trademarks, service marks or other indication of origin, including logos, owned by third parties.
  • Do not embed your own watermark, website name, or copyright notice in your content.
  • We reserve the right to remove any previously accepted content submission from HuntScore, and reserve the right to reinstate any previously accepted content submission which was later removed by a HuntScore administrator, at any time for any reason.


You retain ownership of your images and edits. However, by posting your images to HuntScore, you give HuntScore and REALDiscovery LLC (HuntScore Owner) a unrevokable and perpetual license to use these images and edits anywhere on the HuntScore website or on any HuntScore marketing and promotional materials.

Photo Requirements

Not all photos will be accepted. At a minimum your content must:

  • Be at least 600px wide and 600px tall at 72dpi.
  • Be in the JPG/JPEG file format. PNG, TIF, and GIF images are accepted but not preferred.
  • Be correctly exposed and in-focus.
  • Not be altered (aka Photoshopped) in any way that may provide false information or mislead the viewer.

Photo Guidelines

On popular posts or posts with many photo submissions, not all photos will be displayed. The HuntScore Content Review Team may choose to show only the "best" photos. What do we consider the "best?"

  • Good composition with a clear subject.
  • For unit photos, the subject should clearly be the landscape or animals. People in the photos are OK, but please have permission from those in the photo to post.
  • For trophy shots, show us some creative angles and composition.
  • There should be no excessive blood. It's hunting. There will be some blood, but we really don't want to see the insides of your poorly field-dressed kill.
  • Show respect to the animal.
  • It's better to share 1-2 of your best photos instead of a dozen half-assed images.

Edit Guidelines

User edits help us keep scores, access, species and terrain notes up to date and provide value to HuntScore users. To that end, edits should either help correct existing notes in a meaningful way or add new helpful and relevant content that HuntScore does not already have. Here are some tips for getting your edits approved:

  • For scores reviews, leave a comment explaining your experience with the unit and species. The best reviews will address any significant deviations from HuntScore scores.
  • For access edit, make sure the information is relevant and specific. Generic comments like "Access is pretty good in the national forest." isn't particularly helpful. Specific comments like "Many forest service roads are deeply rutted and made of soft clay. Be prepared if moderate to heavy rain hits the roads!" are very helpful.
  • For species notes, be considerate of the information you are sharing. For hard to draw units, it is ok to share detailed information about where you found animals. For OTC or easy to draw units, we suggest sharing general information about finding animals or share tips on what didn't work. Try to provide context (terrain, weather and/or season) to the information you are providing.
  • For terrain edits, provide context to the edits you are providing relative to geography or elevation. As an example "In higher elevations in southwest portion of the unit, vegetation is sparse and slopes tend to be gradual toward ridge tops. Wind can be an issue midday at these elevations and its hard to find windbreaks due to the sparse cover."

Photo and Edit Approval & Credits

When you submit photos and edits, HuntScore will review them for approval and issuance of account credits. We reserve the right to approve photos and edits. We reserve the right to issue credits where we see fit. We may ask you for additional information or to verify the information you have submitted (i.e. screenshot/picture of tag issued).

In general, if photos and edits are unique, helpful, complete and original we will accept the content and issue a credit. A HuntScore user can get up to $30 in credits per calendar year to be applied against the cost of a subscription. Credits are issued during the beginning of each month for content posted the previous month. Credits are issued per the schedule below:

  • Each approved photo will earn a $5 credit
  • No more than $15 in photo credits can be earned per calendar year.
  • Each approved access edit will earn a $5 credit
  • Each approved species edit will earn a $5 credit
  • Each approved terrain edit will earn a $5 credit

We reserve the right to change this schedule at anytime.