Credits for Edits, Reviews and Photos

Here at HuntScore, we peruse public websites to gather as much information about units and species as possible. Sometimes state game and fish departments publish detail unit information with respect to access, species and terrain informaiton but other times there is little to no information. While we have grand designs to comb the web for other nuggets of knowledge, one of the best source of information is HuntScore users! With hundreds of thousands of hunters using HuntScore every year, getting even a small amount of folks to contribute goes a long way.

How Credits Work

When you add photos, suggest access, species and terrain edits or leave a score review HuntScore will credit your account $5 per approved photo, edit or review. It's litterally that simple. Take a look at our submission guidelines for getting photos, edits (changes to existing content or adding new content) and score reviews approved. In general, submit useful, relevant and unique content and it will get approved. We may reach out to validate your suggestions, so please only submit information you can corroborate.

In a calendar year you can earn up to $30 in credits! At the beginning of each month, HuntScore will look at all the approved posts, edits and reviews and issue credits. When you subscribe or your subscription renews, those credits will be applied and reduce your subscription cost. Think of it as HuntScore paying you to hunt! Simply go on a hunt and take a couple photos. Then when you get home upload 2 photos, review the scores, and suggest an edit to each of the access, terrain and species notes and your next annual subscription could be discounted 60%!


Adding Photos

upload photos

To add photos to a unit you can select the camera icon on the "Photos & Terrain" heading. Photos can be added one at a time. Drop a pin over where the photo was taken. Don't worry, HuntScore will only show 1 digit precision latitude and longitude which is roughly a 6.8 by 6.8 mi square area. What type of photos should you upload? Photos depicting the landscape or terrain are super helpful. Also if you harvested an animal, feel free to upload a successful hunt photo too!


Reviewing Scores

score review

If you have hunted in a unit for a particular species, consider reviewing HuntScore's scores. To review scores simply select the slider icon and adjust the sliders. Be sure to review the score definitions so you are providing an accurate review. You can hover or tap each score name (prior to opening the review form) to see a short description. It is important to leave review comments if you want to receive a credit. In the comments you can share about your hunt or where you think the scores are accurate or inaccurate.


Suggesting Edits


At the heading of the access, species and terrain sections you'll see a pencil icon. Click this to open the edits form. The form will populate with the current notes. If you'd like to suggest a change to the existing subscription, you can do that by simply altering the text. The text shows in html format but don't worry about that. If you'd like to add something completely new, just delete the content and write your note.

Getting Content Approved

When you submit any content - photos, edits or reviews - HuntScore is notified. We'll review the content to make sure it is relevant and may reach out to get clarification or verify information. You'll be notified when your content was approved and it will typically show up on the website within 24 hours. At the beginning of each month, we'll credit accounts for any approved content from the previous month. When you purchase a subscription or renew, these credits will be applied to the subscription.

Posted: August 9, 2021

Written By: Matt Habiger

About: Matt grew up running around the oaks, pines and birches in central Minnesota. He spent his youth hunting, fishing and riding bmx. For better or worse he's a restless hunter, prone to wandering the reaches of public land. Many youthful days were spent dreaming about chasing elk, deer and bear across mountain sides with a butterscotch maple Interarms 300 Weatherby from his father. 25 years later he still has the same dreams they just happen to come true every Fall and Spring.

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